SOLAR23 - Power the way to sustainability !

SOLAR23 is a turnkey provider of off-grid‐connected photovoltaic systems and independent solar thermal systems with an international dealer network and customers in Europe and Africa.
With 13 years of experience, our knowledge and hands-on experience enable your ambitions to be understood and your projects to be carried out!


Since its creation, SOLAR23 has been specialised in the design and creation of turnkey photovoltaic systems for companies, NGOs and private individuals in Europe and Africa.



Turnkey solutions

SOLAR23 plans and implements turnkey systems in all areas of sustainable energy. SOLAR23 offers its clients full support, from sizing to installation.



Consulting Services

We provide our customers with project planning and monitoring, basic evaluation and economic analysis in all issues concerning photovoltaics, off-grid solutions and solar thermal energy.


PV Wholesale

Solar Components

SOLAR23 acts as a wholesaler for solar power material and offers a supply source to professionals all over the world.


As a human-sized company, SOLAR23 maintains a close relationship with its clients. Our know-how enables us to meet the specificities of each project.

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OMS (Érythrée)

WHO (Eritrea)

Stand alone system

UNICEF (Madagascar)

DENA (Ndelle, Senegal)

Rural electrification

GRET (Mauritania)

GRET (Mauritania)

System design and supply of submersible solar pumps


Uncompromising on the quality of the equipment distributed and anxious to offer sustainable services, we have chosen to work exclusively with leading brands in the solar photovoltaic sector.

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solar pumps

Solar Pumps

Access to a clean, reliable water supply is critical for the survival of humans and animals. Ground water sources offer a cleaner and reliable supply of water.

solar panels

Solar Panels

SOLAR23 also has a wide range of modules available for grid and off-grid solar power systems.



Batteries are used to store energy. The most popular types for solar and wind applications are deep cycle lead acid batteries.


SOLAR23 GmbH was founded in 2000 as a Euro-African company and relies on equal partnerships. Our goal is to improve the market position of SOLAR23 GmbH involving motivated entrepreneurs in the network. Since 2009, the partnership network has over 20 entrepreneurs in more than 20 countries, near the customer.

As an internationally operating solar specialist, the purpose of the company is the planning, sales and installation of turnkey systems based on renewable energies such as photovoltaic panels, solar heating, wind and biomass. We feed renewable energy into the existing networks and we are supply systems for the electrification of rural areas.


  • LeLab is an online free application for the study, sizing and simulation of complete PV systems. It is suitable for small stand-alone systems or solar water pumping solutions and offers an extensive components database.

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  • International solar power projects
  • Water pumping solutions
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Off-grid telecom systems
  • Solar street light
  • Solar thermal